duminică, 8 februarie 2009

Paula Seling in new years eve party in Radauti town (english version )

In the night of new years eve i have oportunity to have witness in one extraordinary concert of Paula Seling in my little and humble town from Bucovina region . I want to tell you that i was absolutelly impressed by simplity and the voice of Paula Seling. It is one of the little romanian artists who can be named actually artists , in trully words means . I have the lucky that i stayed in the first place , but unfortunately , it was around me some people who speaks ugly about Paula , i hope that Paula doesn`t hear that speak`s and the tumult of crowd it was covered that ugly words. I would like to obtain one autograph of Paula Seling , but i don`t believe when i saw a advertising who anounce her concert in my town , and i don`t believe that one of the greath romanian artists who won a International festival (Golden Stag) in 2002 and romanian Mamaia festival we arrived to sing in a night like this in a little provincial town knows like Radauti but i was wrong . I asked around one pen and paper but nobody doesn`t have pen and paper on they ... I hope that someday i have oportunity to saw Paula Seling in another concert with other ocasion . I think is the first concert who impressed me , i was in many concert `s but neither doesn`t like this . The rest of councerts i was dancing and jumpimg in the air . I hope in the future to assist in other concert of Paula Seling . I hope that , i have faith . Voltaj , another faimous romanian band was the 5 th time in my city. I hope to happend the same in the cause of Paula Seling .

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